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My Biography

My family portrait.

My name is Wendy Young, owner of Progressive Dog Training, and here's a little bit of information about me.

I've been working with dogs and their people since 1989, helping them to develop positive, loving relationships. I began my career by training Service Dogs for people who were mobility-impaired. I trained and graduated many successful teams for a local organization including their first dogs to be trained on soft buckle collars (rather than "choke" chains or pinch collars). I also trained the first Service Dog to be sent to Japan, where I later filmed a dog training video.

A Service Dog with his partner.

With these experiences, I found that I had a new goal and started Progressive Dog Training to help all people and their pets achieve the same wonderful relationships I'd witnessed between working Service Dogs and their partners. During this time, I also worked with the Delaware Humane Association (DHA), Delaware's only "no-kill" shelter. I was responsible for a 36-dog kennel and during my tenure I developed kennel management, dog-training and adoption education programs that resulted in the successful re-homing of over 1,000 of the area's abandoned dogs.

Bennett started life on the wrong side of the tracks. With positive reinforcement training he did a wonderful 180 and is now a beloved family pet!

While working at DHA, I recognized the need to keep dogs in their homes to prevent abandonment and thus established a free Dog Behavior Hotline. This Hotline provides frustrated, "at-risk" people with the information they need to improve their relationship with their dog. I've also provided behavior and dog-training advice on radio and TV spots.

Sometimes dogs develop behaviors which concern their people.

Your relationship with your dog is like no other. My goal is to provide you with the information and education you need to better understand, cooperate and communicate with the dog(s) you love and live with.

P.S. Those are my knuckleheads, up top: Buck, my Rotti; Aero, my bat-eared 'junkyard dog'; Dudley, Dennis-the-Menace in a fur suit; and Mr. Bean, my little guy.

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Create a win-win relationship with your dog!

Contact Wendy at: (610) 565-2559

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