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Positive Training Works!

Dogs love us and we love our dogs. Like us, they love to learn and succeed. The hard part can be getting them to succeed at family friendly behavior. With positive training, what you get is a better behaved dog... and a better relationship too! Call Progressive Dog Training. It's fun, it's easy and it works!

This is what motivation looks like!

Do you know how they train killer whales to perform at Seaworld? You can bet they don't use choke chains! Have you tried training methods that don't seem to work or (yikes!) have made matters worse? A frustrating relationship with your dog doesn't have to be that way! Use positive, effective, behavior-based techniques that get the best from your dog!

Positive training produces dogs who are motivated and attentive!

Positive training is used to teach dogs skills like search and rescue, drug detection, animal assistance and pet therapy. With positive methods your dog can easily learn family friendly behavior. The philosophy at Progressive Dog Training is to make learning easy, fun and rewarding for you and your dog.

Create a win-win relationship with your dog!

Contact Wendy at: (610) 565-2559

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